Friday, July 5, 2013

New Look to the Logo

I am afraid I have to change the logo and she matched the wallpaper too. Someone just alerted me to the fact that if I did not draw the logo, then copyright infringement may occur. I do not want that. I found her on the internet and though I tried to find out where she came from, I could not find out. How ironic that I did find out that her name is Melissa like me. I would love to keep her but if what I am hoping happens, then I do not want to get into trouble. If I could find out who has her, then I could ask but I have not found it yet. So, here is the new logo.

Yes, unfortunately I drew the mouse. I drew it last year and there is an earlier post about her but I redid some of her features. I added an apron, earrings, and a folder that she is holding. Now she looks more mature than the other one. Very crude I am afraid but she is mine--all mine.

So, now I have to change everything over to this one. It will be time consuming so I may have to do it gradually but all will change over to her.


P.S. Boy, it has been very hard to figure out size wise how to put the new logo on. But I finally figured out how. She is now official.


  1. Hi, You were a winner in my giveaway! I'm hoping you already received my email, and the emails from the other ladies.
    Please contact me so you can receive your prizes.
    Tales of a First Grade Teacher

  2. Hi Jessica,

    That is awesome!! I did get one email from you already. It was from a lady that is on vacation--Mrs. Pauly. If there are others just sent to
    Thanks a bunch!
    Melissa Mize


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