Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I am very proud to announce that my youngest is graduating college next month. She still has to do student teaching in the fall. Then she will have her certification in Special Education just like her mama. She would love to work with the severe and profound in a multi-handicapped classroom. I pray that we both find the classroom of our dreams!!
Here is the announcement:

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Update on TpT

Greetings to all!!
I have been lazy with getting to post anything on the blog--sorry! I have been busy with life I guess. Anyway, I just wanted to give a heads up to the shop at Teachers Pay Teachers.  I just finished updating my product descriptions. I found a shop that has tutorials about how to increase traffic and hopefully sales, to your shop. I acquired a tutorial about product descriptions because I knew that is one that I needed at the time. One of the things that it focused on and asked was 'Are your product descriptions effective?' My answer was NO! I have always struggled with what to put into the descriptions and how to write them. I thought they had to be catchy in order to snag buyers attention, and some did to a point, but a lot were not and they were not informative enough for buyers according to the tutorial. I did have some of their components, though, like content and some ideas of how to use it, but not to the extent that they had listed especially the reminder to follow my shop. I did have a signature closing before but deleted it awhile ago. So I put that back on. It also gave html codes for bold print and how to add similar product hyperlinks which I did not know how to do. I liked that! So, I feel I got my monies worth out of this product with all the information that it gave me!!

Here is the cover of the product that I used:
This product is from a shop called Selling Strategies. They state "Selling Strategies takes the mystery out of TpT success by sharing practical tips and tools to reduce the learning curve and help you optimize your sales sooner rather than later!" They have tutorials on how to create product covers, how to price your products, and about what fonts to even use to name a few. It has a lot of useful information I believe.

Next step is marketing. I think my shops would do better if teachers knew about it. I think the prices are okay. Just not sure what else I can do other than getting the word out. One thing is to still pray about it which I do everyday!!

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Another Stop, Swap, & Roll

Jungle Learners is again hosting a Product Swap, and I have been graciously invited to participate. I had so much fun the last time I wanted to do it again. Just click on the picture below and hop over. While you are there, you can hop to other participant's blogs and what they had to swap and also enter their giveaways.
 I was proudly paired with Christin from Shifting Teacher K-2. She is a teacher of Kindergarten (my favorite all time grade) in Virginia.

I got to choose one product from Christin's Shifting Teacher K-2's TpT shop to try and give my opinion of it. She has a lot of fun and engaging activities for math and literacy stations, it was a hard choice!! However, I chose this printable because I have several that need lots more practice with sight words and she graciously allowed me to use it with my kiddos.
This is what I shared with her. You can go to her blog and read what she had to say about using this bundle of mine. It will also be on SALE for the duration of the giveaway!! You can also buy the individual rhyming printable packets. There is a list of all the individual printables on the bundle page in my TpT shop. They will be on sale as well as the other rhyming printables that I have in my shop. Just click on the links.

Now, I do not have a traditional classroom mind you. Yes, I have my teaching license but it was too late to get a permanent job this school year so I am tutoring and subbing for the time being. I am constantly looking for products to use with my students. I do create but sometimes it is nice to find other activities that other teacher have done. It gives you a variety of things to do with your students.

A few of my students still struggle with sight words and this printable worked just great. I love that there is a variety of things to do on one page. They really did enjoy this activity. 
Here is a sample page of the printable from her blog. Here is the post so that you can look at it and read more about the printable and how it was born (click on word post). 

Each page is repetitive with the same layout--just the words and sentences are different. Students, especially in the lower grades, need that repetition. It strengthens so many skills. The printable works on a lot of other different skills, too, at the same time the students work on their sight words. I like that a lot!!
Here is one of my students working on her page with a helper of course. He held the glue stick for us.
Here she is again gluing her pieces down to make the sentence. She also loved the part where you drew the sentence. She did a great job!!  
Thanks, Christin for allowing me the chance to use it!! 
Now you can win your very own copy of Christin's Sight Word Sentence Practice packet entering the Rafflecopter below and filling out the form!!    Good Luck!!

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