Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas This year

Had to post--wonderful Christmas this year with the family as always but this year . . . I got a Kindle Fire!! My husband said that he FINALLY bought me something that I liked. Well, that's not totally true. I have liked other things in the past that he has bought me. The thing is he just can't remember that on some things I am VERY, VERY picky--purses, jewelry, clothes, etc. etc. Oh, yea, also, he must think I a lot smaller than I really am which on any other given day that would be wonderful and thoughtful but not on Christmas and my birthday which is coming up. We will see---we shall see.

Getting back to the Kindle--funny story. About three weeks ago, I received an email that said congratulations on getting a Kindle Fire, and I should go look at Amazon for new apps for my Kindle Fire. What???? I don't own a Kindle Fire. What are they talking about?? I was puzzled to say the least. I dismissed it as some random spam email. HA HA! Although, in the back of my mind I was thinking that what if--just what if--that was what I was getting for Christmas . . . hum . . . interesting thought!! Well, evidently it was true and I just did not realize it. Poor thing!! He really does try to surprise me but some other kind of intervention always  keeps that from happening. LOL Usually, that is me accidentally finding the receipt. Yes, I said accidentally. I NEVER on purpose go looking for those things--I just find them when I am looking for something else. 

Now, I have played with this thing and it is really hard to say the least but I am getting the hang of it. I can see the possibilities with school and work. I can play games and read books in bed. Actually, that is why he got it--to keep me off my feet and from sitting in this office chair with my feet dangling. They swell up like balloons.

Until another time.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My New Shelfari Bookcase

Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and see my new shelf of books that I just love. Shelfari is a new way to let everyone know of the books that you like and recommend. For right now, I just have a few but will be adding more later. Stop by often to see what books I have added. You can hover over the book and it will give you information and if you click on the book, it will take you to Amazon where you can purchase it for your very own library. I just love books--don't you???


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Design

I have been playing with blogger to find a way to personalize my blog more, and I have found one that for right now, I am willing to leave alone. But, as some will attest, it will not stay this way. I like to change things around and like I said, I am still learning. I am having to find out things on my own without guidance but I'm okay with that.Sometimes that is the only way to learn.

I did make something from scratch today.  I could not find any that suited me. I am rather happy with the way she turned out. I will put her here so you can look at her better. I drew her on paper and then scanned her into Word. I added some embellishments and wah-lah  I may just take her as my logo--not sure about that yet.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Why the name 'Mrs. Mouse'???

Some may be asking why the title "Creations by Mrs. Mouse". Well, there is a story behind the choosing of that name. My last name is Mize and when I was working with the kindergarten class many moons ago, I had students that just could not remember the name Mize. I suppose in the way they tried to remember was they thought of mice then it was shorten to mouse or they thought it was mice and then remembered mouse; not quite sure their reasoning to come to that name and I am not sure how many there were that called me that but at least one every year.

I miss that. I treasured that a lot.

So when trying to find a name for my printables, I wanted something catchy and memorable--not just for me but hopefully to the people that buy from my shop. Then it came to me--why not use Mrs. Mouse. Then it just revolved into the title you see today.

So there ya have it. The whole story.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Welcome Gift

I love to create. I love to paint and do crafts but since my time is limited with work and school, creating printables gives me my crafting fix. I must say it is in my blood. I look at things and wonder what I can do to make something out of that. It is a sickness I think.

So, I have a store front on Teacher's Notebook. The store is just starting out and while it is not doing quite as well as I had hoped at the moment, I must have faith that one day it will. Everyone has to start somewhere. RIGHT????

So, your free welcome gift is at the store. There are four to choose from. Just go there and download.

Feedback is much appreciated--that is how we learn.


Welcome to My Blog

I have always wanted to start my own blog but could not find a creative idea or way to grab somebody's interest. There are so many wonderful and informative blogs out there--where would mine fit in? But I found out today that there is no better time to start than the present--soooooo here I am and here it is. I hope my adventures sparks a little something in everyone whether it be creativity or just a smile.

I am a paraprofessional and I work at a school district in Ohio. I am studying to be a Special Education teacher. I have nine three no (12/2013) classes left; I am done except for student teaching. I cannot wait to say the least. I love to teach reading and love to work with early elementary students. I love all the elementary grades but Kindergarten is my favorite.

I do not have a class per say just YET, but I have so many ideas and freebies and printables and creations and well, just a piece of me that it seems to be busting out at the seams. This is going to be simple at first but I am sure it will evolve into something magnificent; or at least I pray so. Please be patient with me as I learn all this wonderful technology that we have at our fingertips as we go through this journey together.

Blessings and toodles,
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