Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dorothy, Dorothy Where are You???

I am afraid she is not in Kansas anymore. A fun interactive book that reinforces positional words, Dorothy is a character from the book and movie, Wizard of Oz. I love the cover. It is so bright and colorful. This goes along the same lines as one of my other printables, Humpty Dumpty Where are You? On each page, the child is to put Dorothy in a different position according to what the page directs. It also helps with following directions which is an important skill to learn. It is in both shops.

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Okay----What has been happening in my life????

     Well, that is a loaded question. Where do I start?? I think I last mentioned something about student teaching. Got that done!! YEA!! It all worked out in the end--with the Lord's help of course. God is good!!!! I cannot tell you how good it feels to not have to do any homework.
     There has been a little bump in the road though. I somehow took the wrong test in May; my
fault--maybe; university's fault--maybe. I would say a little of both. Anyway, I had to take another test in July. This one was about educational pedagogy. It took six weeks to hear back if I passed or not. Another THANK YOU, LORD!!! I was very unsure if I had on this one and knew that if I didn't, I did not want to take it again but would have to and would have to wait sixty days. Did I mention that I hate waiting?
     Now, the university can send the letter of recommendation that I had been waiting for--right?? Well, they did but it was wrong. They left one of my student teaching classes off the list. That's a biggie. Back to the drawing board. Now, I am waiting for the revised one to arrive. Did I mention that I hate waiting?
     Unfortunately, I missed the window and the opportunity to get a teaching position for this coming school year. Maybe God thought I wasn't ready just yet. I know that He has just the perfect job for me--I have to be patient!! I have to have faith!! But did I mention that I hate waiting??
      Financially, it has been rough to say the least. I knew it would be seven months without a job but now it looks to be longer. My hope was that the shops would do well and keep us afloat but they have not. I have only sold three printables in the last three months. I am not sure what I am doing wrong; I have to be patient!! I have to have faith!! But did I mention that I hate waiting??  I hope that we can hang on a little longer. The Lord has kept us thus far; I am sure He will continue and He will work on my patience. 

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Bobbing for Syllables

Hey, Mrs. Mouse here with another printable for ya! This one turned out pretty cool I think. It is a take on bobbing for apples. There are three mats with apples that have words pertaining to fall, carnivals, and bobbing for apples. The child will determine if the words have one, two, or three syllables. There are apples with numbers on them. They will put the correct number on top of the word apple. A key is provided for them to check their work.

This includes some cute graphics from The Doodle Oven. I just love the name--don't you!!

I won the Apples a la Halloween and I will say they are so stinking cute. They were suppose to be in the printable above but they did not seem to fit so be on the look out for something with this set soon. Any idea--comment below.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Printables

It is the middle of August already. Where has the time gone?? I have been enjoying my summer this year. For the first time in several years I have not had to do homework--YEA!! On the flip side, however, I still do not have a position as of yet.

In the meantime, I have been working on some printables. I have two ready so far. Many more in the works and planning stage. Here is the first one. I love this one. I like monkeys and bananas. They are so cute. UPDATE (9/14/2014)-- this one has been updated with add features.
 With this one, the child has to determine where the sound of the letter Mm is in the word. There is a corresponding mat that they will put their banana once they figure out where the /m/ is. There is also a worksheet to record the number that is one the banana.

 The next one is another one of my birthday poster printables. This one has cupcakes instead of the owls. It did not take quite as long to make but just as cute I think.
I did the cupcakes a little different this time. I put a label on each one so that the child's name can be put on the front and be seen. They were so colorful that I did not think that just writing on it, anyone could see their name. If you purchase it and would like it removed, just let me know.
If you want to see the Owl Themed Birthday posters and what they look like, just go the blog archives and choose August 7th of 2013. WOW!! Did not realize it had been a year since I made the owls. Time flies--no pun intended--LOL.

That is it so far. More to come later.

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