Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bobbing for Syllables

Hey, Mrs. Mouse here with another printable for ya! This one turned out pretty cool I think. It is a take on bobbing for apples. There are three mats with apples that have words pertaining to fall, carnivals, and bobbing for apples. The child will determine if the words have one, two, or three syllables. There are apples with numbers on them. They will put the correct number on top of the word apple. A key is provided for them to check their work.

This includes some cute graphics from The Doodle Oven. I just love the name--don't you!!

I won the Apples a la Halloween and I will say they are so stinking cute. They were suppose to be in the printable above but they did not seem to fit so be on the look out for something with this set soon. Any idea--comment below.

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