Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Printables - Part 3

This is the newest rhyming printable. Now that I have made five, I decided to put them into a bundle.

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New Printables - Part 2

Here is the second set.
Add-a-Duck is a variation of Subtract-a-Duck.
Apple Picking Phoneme Segmentation is another game
similar to Blooming Phoneme Segmentation.

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New Printables - Part 1

Here is the list of new printables that I have uploaded so far to Teachers Notebook. I will upload to TpT once I have them all in the other shop. I made about 20 so it is taking longer than I thought. But that's a good thing--right???

This group is the phonics printables. They concentrate of all five vowels.
You can purchase them individually or in the bundle. The bundle is a great value.

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It's Here--It's Finally Here!!! Tin Printables!

You ask what is here?? and what am I talking about???

Well, it is finally here. The one thing I have been rolling around in my head for months. My Tin Printables.

This is the first one hot off the presses. It is free. Yes, I said FREE. Just go to one of my shops and pick it up.  The directions are enclosed on how to make it. It uses an Altoid's tin and Mod Podge. I have one more that I have created but I am planning on doing more. Here is a picture of the what the inside looks like.

This is a great way to house your flashcards and transport them with you wherever you go.  No more lost cards. Just pick it up and put it in your pocket.

Any suggestions, comments, or feedback would be appreciated.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I've been bad!!

I have soooo bad---please forgive me for taking so long to write. I have been very neglectful to my little blog. Life has certainly had a bearing on my getting to do this but alas, here I am. Finally!!

A little catching up is in order. I am done with classes and will start student teaching in February was suppose to start student teaching but now am told that the placement will not work. Not only that but I have to take a leave of absence resign from my job at the district that I have work at for so long so that will put my family in a financial hardship more so than it already is. My husband is disabled, you see; I am the only one working. May God hold us together, bless us, and allow us to keep everything without losing it all. It is going to be a long, long rough road; one that I have to take whether I want or not. A leap of faith. I was excited and nervous but now I am petrified, confused, and hurt.

I am very proud of myself, though. I got an A in every class, 30 total, and my GPA is 3.98. Not bad for an almost 53 year old. I am glad it is over with. Enough with homework for this old gal--for now anyway.

It was time for some R & R so to say the least, I was so looking forward to winter break except it has dragged on for another week with this Polar Vortex and snow. The roads are a sheet of ice out here in the country not to mention the -10 degrees. We now have to make up four days. We forfeit MLK day and President's day--so far. Winter is just starting. We have two to three months of this stuff. Will spring ever come???

While I was home, I have been busy making printables for my shops. I finally got back into the grove of making them. It has been forever. I will post them here for all to see as I upload them to my shops. I think there is going to be about 20. I have also made two bundles; one of my rhyming games and another one of my new phonics games. I hope they do well!!

Oh, by the way, my birthday will be next week. Maybe I will do a sale for that event or a giveaway. Never done that before. Hum!

I also have developed a new kind of printable for my shops. Details will be revealed when I upload all the new games. Can't wait to see if anyone likes it. HINT--it has to do with Altoids. Enough said.


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