Saturday, October 25, 2014


     I am having a sale at my Teacher's Notebook Shop. Everything is 15% off. I have hit a new milestone; I reached over 100 followers! Now, that does not seem like a lot but to me, that is huge. I now have over a 100 at the TpT shop also. YEA!!
     Teacher's Notebook is also running a huge savings event. Members will earn double reward dollars on every purchase so the shops are encourage to run sales along side to boost this event. This event runs from October 25th to 27th; the same time frame for my sale.
     I have added a lot of new printables to the shops. I have also updated or reformatted all the printables. They have either a new cover, new/changed clip art, more pages added, or some have had a total makeover. I have also added previews to all the printables except the free ones. It shows everything that is in the file. This, I think, is better because now you know what is in there and what you are getting.

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