Thursday, August 9, 2012

Why the name 'Mrs. Mouse'???

Some may be asking why the title "Creations by Mrs. Mouse". Well, there is a story behind the choosing of that name. My last name is Mize and when I was working with the kindergarten class many moons ago, I had students that just could not remember the name Mize. I suppose in the way they tried to remember was they thought of mice then it was shorten to mouse or they thought it was mice and then remembered mouse; not quite sure their reasoning to come to that name and I am not sure how many there were that called me that but at least one every year.

I miss that. I treasured that a lot.

So when trying to find a name for my printables, I wanted something catchy and memorable--not just for me but hopefully to the people that buy from my shop. Then it came to me--why not use Mrs. Mouse. Then it just revolved into the title you see today.

So there ya have it. The whole story.


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