Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Idea

While redoing the printables, I came upon a realization that maybe some of you think that you need to be right with the child while they are completing the printables to make sure they are getting it right. While that may be true if you are a tutor-these printable are great for that, I have added directions to make them more user friendly for when the children are in centers. I added this to a lot of them--

SELF CHECKING: Put a matching sticker on the backs of the pieces that go together.  When the child is finished, have them turn over the cards to see if the stickers match.

A lot probably already knew this but just in case I added it to the printables and the descriptions. This way the students can be their own teacher. I think they would rather fancy that--don't you??

Also, most of the games can be used for assessment purposes. I think that is a great feature, also.


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