Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Birthday Posters - Owl Theme

Hey there!

I finally finished this birthday poster printable. Wow, it took me over two weeks to finish. I think I was too picky to get just the right owl to go with the right month plus all the other elements. Here is a closer look.
It is in either shop so you can pick you favorite shop to go to.

Here are a few of the pages. There is, of course, one for each month. There are two more views in the shops-October and July. As you can see the owl is different for each month as well as the frame. You can laminate these and keep them from year to year.
Here are the owls. There is another page to these. Look on TpT for the other set. As you can see the owls have the month and a line where you can put the day. Just write their name somewhere on the owl. You can print as many as you need of these owls for each month.

Here is an example of what it will look like when you use it. Now, I made my poster smaller because any bigger and it would not take it so you can fit more owls on the poster than just three. I made it so you could see what it looked like in use.

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