Friday, July 31, 2015

My Newest Creation - Counting Dots on the Bus

You know when people say that the latest thing that they do is their favorite. Well, this LATEST creation is my favorite. Mel Lloyd at Graphics From the Pond made these school bus ten frames clipart and the light bulb went off as soon as I saw them. They are so stinking cute!!!! Drum roll Please!!! So, without further ado; here is--Counting Dots on the Bus!!!
This printable has 3 books; a student book (2 print options), a class book, and a teacher book. It includes a matching card game and the cards can be used in a pocket chart. I think it turned out great. Here is a preview of what is in the file.
I have not made anything using ten frames so this is a first. However, I have made this type of printable before. Here is Rudolph, Rudolph With Your Nose so Red, What's the Shape of Your Head? At the time, that was my favorite. It uses Mel's graphics as well. Do you see a pattern here with the clipart???? I just love Mel's creations!!
 I love the color of the cover. The red just makes it POP!!!  Here is a preview of what is in this file.
About this file, I received feedback from a lovely person, sparkywife, that said her kindergarten students loved this printable.They used as a center activity during the month of December. Come January, they wanted to see what other shape his head was. Just adorable!!! I was please as punch!! Best feedback ever!!! Sorry for the blurriness.

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